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Recently I decided to go vegan for 30 days. I’ve tried it briefly in the past, but never for a whole month. I’ve watched documentaries like “What The Health” and “Forks Over Knives”, but one day I watched “Vegucated” which almost brought me to tears. In one section of the movie it showed what is done with baby male chicks which made me immediately decide that I wouldn’t eat chicken anymore. So that is what confirmed my decision to try going vegan for a month.

What is Vegan

Vegan is not consuming any animal products.  So that means not eating meat, dairy, eggs and honey.  This way of eating consists of eating vegetables, fruits, grains, oats, nuts, seeds, beans and any other food not made from animals. Eating vegan doesn’t automatically mean healthy though. That is why I really do not like using the word vegan. I prefer using the term plant based diet. A plant based diet is still vegan, but contains less processed vegan foods. Donuts, cake, cookies, bagels and fried foods can all be made vegan, but these foods are not healthy. Oreos are vegan! That blew my mind when I found that out.

Benefits I Noticed Going Vegan For 30 Days

going vegan

Better Digestion

There have been many times in my life were I have had digestion and intestinal issues. In my twenties I had a colonoscopy due to some digestive issues and the doctor told me that I should not eat cheeseburgers. The reason he said that is because I have a problem digesting cow’s meat. At that time I didn’t realize it. I continued to eat burgers from time to time and started to notice that I would get painful stomach cramping after eating it. That is when I realized that cow’s meat was a problem for me. Even though I was never a fan of steak if I ever did eat steak I would have the same problem.  My digestion was not as regular as it should be as well.

When I started eating vegan I noticed that my digestion became very regular which is awesome. Instead of just digesting once a day or once every other day, I started to digest twice a day almost everyday. I know TMI, but I’m just being honest. I also did not have any stomach cramping during the month either, which is a major improvement. Stomach cramping and pain is no joke!

Also when eating a plant based diet you want to make sure you are drinking a good amount of water. You should be eating a lot more fiber with a vegan diet. Eating a high fiber diet without consuming enough water can cause constipation, so water is important for assisting in good digestions as well.

Less Bloating

Lactose intolerance is one thing that causes bloating for a lot of people. I am one of those people. I would have to take Lactaid when consuming anything with dairy. Instead of having to do that it’s better to just not consume it. If you are lactose intolerance you will see a big difference by going vegan for a month, since you wouldn’t be consuming dairy at all. Because bloating is reduced you will feel a lot lighter.

Going vegan for 30 days

Weight Loss

I noticed right away that I started losing weight. With a healthy plant based diet you are consuming less calories typically. Since meat and meat products contain a lot of fat, not consuming them will automatically cause weight loss. The key is also to not add back an access amount of processed plant fat like oil. Nuts, seeds and avocado are examples of foods that contain natural plant based fats which are fine to consume as long as you don’t go overboard.

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Better Sleep

Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. So I was super excited when I noticed that my sleep seemed to get better during my month of vegan eating. When I was eating meat and dairy there would be nights where I would have an upset stomach throughout the night which would affect my sleep. But I didn’t have any of that when eating vegan. I also noticed my dreams have increased as well, which is weird.

going vegan for 30 days

Discovering New Foods

When eating vegan you can easily get bored when making the same types of meals over and over again. Experimenting with new types of dishes can add some excitement. Try making your own pasta sauce or some vegan enchiladas. For example I made a curry dish for the first time. I can’t believe I’ve never tried curry before, but it has now become a new go to recipe for me. You can also try new vegetables, fruit or try a grain you haven’t tried before. To get some recipe ideas here are a few cookbooks that can help.

If you have ever considered trying a vegan diet then committing to eating this way for a month is a good start. A month is a good amount of time to feel the positive effects of this way of eating. Even though I decided to commit to eating vegan for a month, I decided after the month was over that I would continue to cook plant based meals going forward. When going out to restaurants with friends and family it can be a bit difficult to find vegan options, so I will stick to vegetarian options when I don’t have a choice. Going vegan for 30 days changed the way I eat for good and I hope you give it a try as well.

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2 Comments on What Happens When You Go Vegan For 30 Days

  1. This is amazing. Glad you tried curry finally!🙂I’ve been a vegetarian for past 13 years and now I’m
    trying vegan days as much as possible. It’s feels even better. Specially the feeling of eating kind is the best! Good luck!!! 💚

    • Thanks! Yes eating mostly vegan does feel better overall. When we feel better that’s how we know it the right thing to do.

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